Tuesday 30 September 2014

Another tenor !

We seem to have a number of tenor saxophones in just now.
This one is a very nice Yamaha Custom that is in nearly new condition. It's in the original case with the original mouthpiece.

I'll post some pictures and further details later, but if you're after a good professional quality instrument this could be the one for you.


Monday 8 September 2014

Buffet Super Dynaction

It's not often you come across a Buffet Super Dynaction saxophone. We have a tenor in from one of our customers who'd like to sell it on. It's been sitting for some time and has a bit of pitting, but it is a nice instrument and has a big tone. The keywork is more in the modern style than usually found on older instruments like Conns and Martins. It feels good in your hands and has a sound that grows on you.
It has the original case and mouthpiece.
A very decent instrument and a rare find.
Price negotiable. We're looking around £1000  (NOW SOLD)