Wednesday 14 November 2012


Well the rain keeps coming though we've had a bit of sun and managed to get outside for a few walks.
It's been a funny year with the people seemingly scared to spend any money on anything but food and petrol. It's making it hard for small businesses to survive and yet the country seems to have moved out of recession. Some of the big shops are disappearing though and we've just lost Comet, one of the big shops that I have used often over the years. It's difficult for all businesses, but don't forget us small local firms. We intend to keep going , but it isn't easy!

We've sold a few instruments and will try and get a few more in stock. People are demanding higher adn higher prices for their unwanted instruments so it's getting harder for us to find bargains to pass on to you. Let us know if you are wanting something in particular.

As ever, we're here to service your instruments and do those necessary repairs. Generally speaking your instrument should be services about every 18 months. Keeping an instrument regularly serviced helps prevent wear on the keywork and ensures the instrument is in good playing order. If you have difficulty on certain notes or keep getting squeaks, it may well be down to the instrument developing leaks.
Why not book yout instrument in for a service over the winter months when you might not be using it so much? Call us on 01900 813200

Friday 7 September 2012

What summer?

It's been a bit hectic recently with masses of school instruments arriving. It's difficult to fit anything else in when there is a mountain of flutes to deal with.  In the meantime we've had Roz Sluman's instrument to deal with, and they get a bit of hammer! I had to make a new neck tenon for her old Selmer. Quality counts with instruments which is why  I try and keep a few decent beginner to intermediate instruments that are of a good, reliable construction.
The credit crunch is hitting everyone and I understand why everyone wants cheap instruments, but some of the cheaper new instruments just arent' up to scratch. It's far better to buy something second hand that is made by known manufacturers.  The materials used and the construction is far better than most of the cheap products on sale today.

Tuesday 3 July 2012

More Instruments. 
We've got a few more items listed on here. I've sold the Leblanc bass clarinet. Now we have a Bundy alto clarinet on offer. Some people aren't keen on these but I like those deep notes you can get. On a bass the upper register can be a struggle or sound like a different instrument. An alto is smoother with less of a contrast. There's not a huge amount of music written for them but you can use alto sax (also in Eb) music   - and there's now a lot of play alongs for alto sax. 

Also listed are a couple of older clarinets I have. The Leblanc L7 was a classic professional model with a slightly experimental bore. Professional instruments have bores that vary somewhat from a pure cylindrical bore to obtain good tuning, most being called 'polycylindrical'. The L7 had a slightly conical bore. It's a nice old model well worth a look. 

The Normandy is also an older wooden clarient. It comes from Leblanc and was an intermediate model similar to the later Noblet range. A good step up from a beginners instrument. 

Monday 14 May 2012

Tenor sax for sale.

My old Conn tenor is up for grabs. I've just added some pictures.
Have a look in the "Saxophones" section.

Friday 20 January 2012

More photos

Photos added for excellent wooden clarinet in A, and the second Elkhart alto sax.

More photos added

I've just uploaded photos for the beautiful bass clarinet, the Martin Handcraft alto sax, a Vito clarinet and and Elkhart alto sax. More to follow!


Thursday 19 January 2012

The rest of the instruments

I've now listed most of the instruments we have for sale. Please click on the tabs above to see details of saxophones, clarinets or flutes. I haven't done all the photography yet: I hope to get that finished over the weekend.

If you're interested in any of these instruments, do get in touch and ask us questions about them.

And if you want something we haven't got, let us know! We can often track things down for you.


Tuesday 17 January 2012

Eb clarinet; alto sax; flute added today

Finally started taking photos of the instruments we have for sale. It took a little time to get things set up, so I've only managed to photograph three of our inventory so far:
  • a classic rolled tonehole Conn 6M alto with double socket neck, made in 1937
  • a good beginner's/intermediate reconditioned flute
  • an almost unused wooden Eb (piccolo) clarinet 
I hope to get the rest of our instruments photographed and added to this site in the next few days, but in the meantime do click here - Instruments for Sale - to see what we've got so far.