Tuesday 3 July 2012

More Instruments. 
We've got a few more items listed on here. I've sold the Leblanc bass clarinet. Now we have a Bundy alto clarinet on offer. Some people aren't keen on these but I like those deep notes you can get. On a bass the upper register can be a struggle or sound like a different instrument. An alto is smoother with less of a contrast. There's not a huge amount of music written for them but you can use alto sax (also in Eb) music   - and there's now a lot of play alongs for alto sax. 

Also listed are a couple of older clarinets I have. The Leblanc L7 was a classic professional model with a slightly experimental bore. Professional instruments have bores that vary somewhat from a pure cylindrical bore to obtain good tuning, most being called 'polycylindrical'. The L7 had a slightly conical bore. It's a nice old model well worth a look. 

The Normandy is also an older wooden clarient. It comes from Leblanc and was an intermediate model similar to the later Noblet range. A good step up from a beginners instrument. 

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