We've usually got a few reconditioned clarinets in stock (starting at about £160.00) suitable for beginners or intermediate players. They may not all be listed here, so please give us a ring or email us to find out what's available.

If you'd like to come and try any of these instruments, or would like further information,
please email or 
or phone 
01900 813200

Rudall Carte Bb & A pair

This is a pair of Super Graduate wooden clarinets made by Boosey & Hawkes. 
They come in a matching Rudall Carte case with a pair of Rudall Carte branded mouthpieces, a Rudall Carte cork grease and cloth .
Both clarinets have had the keywork polished up so they look like new. The Bb has had a few pads replaced so it plays well. The A clarinet had a full repad. . If you fancy a pair of clarient but don't want to break the bank, these are worth a look! PRICE: £550.00
 Bell and Mouthpiece
 Detail of Bb Rudall Carte. All keywork has been polished.
On the right is a picture showing the A clarinet with Rudall Carte branded reed and cork grease.
 Leblanc L7 Clarinet

A clarinet from the 1970s that features a conical bore. It has nickel plated keys with some wear that has been polished smooth. It is repadded with tan leather pads. Comes with the original beige leather case which is worn but funcional. Sometimes known as a 'pearl dot' due to the mother of pearl inlay. Nice tone.

 PRICE: £500.00


 Boosey & Hawkes Edgware clarinet

 This is an intermediate clarinet made from wood. The B&H range consisted of the student Regent followed by the Edgware and then the Emperor, with the professional Imperial models 926 and 1010. The Edgware is very similar to the Emperor. All the B&H clarinet have a wide bore of around 15mm which give them a nice deep tone.
This one has been fitted with white leather pads which have been in a while now but are still functional.
          PRICE: £200.00

Berkeley Concert Series Clarinet

This is a beginner to intermediate level clarinet. It is made of wood but has an ebonite bell. It has been overhauled with new pads and corks fitted. Wood and keys have been polished and the nickel plating looks good.
The pieces go in a small brown case which is unlike a normal clarinet case. 
 PRICE: £180.00

Selmer Bundy clarinet

 Used beginners instrument. Sturdy construction. A good reliable instrument. 
I've repadded this now as some of the pads were looking a bit tired. It plays very well now and is a great choice for someone starting out on clarinet.
Comes with a good condition Selmer USA case. 

 PRICE: £175.00

Leblanc Vito clarinet

We've got another one in! (Slightly different to the one pictured. ) Very good beginners instrument. Better built than most. 
These are the ones we recommend. They have a wider bore which gives a great sound and they are better made than any of the Chinese instruments offered today as beginners instruments. 
Comes with its original case.
 PRICE: £160.00


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