Tuesday 17 March 2020


What a year this is turning out to be!

We are open for business and here for you. 
What better to do if you're stuck at home than play an instrument? It can be one of the best things to keep your mind active and spirits up.
Keep supporting local businesses and services as much as possible. The self-employed tend to get little government support in times of need, so we rely on our customers for our survival.

As a small firm with few customers there isn't much risk coming here.  We will keep our distance as much as possible and will be implementing ways of working to stay virus-free.

The virus can stay on surfaces for up to 3 days so we may have to put your instrument aside before we work on it.
Brass instruments such as trumpets can be easily washed to  ensure they are clean, but the case isn't so easy to deal with. We could wipe the outside but the porous inside is harder to deal with so just putting them aside for a few days seems like the best option. We don't want to damage peoples property trying to steam clean etc.

From the customer's side we recommend the same process. Wash your hands after visiting us and handling your instrument. Then leave the instrument aside to be sure any contamination isn't transferred.
If you wish you can wipe surfaces with isopropyl alcohol , if you have it. 

So if you want your instrument repaired please don't stay away. If we need people to stay away we'll make it clear. We only want people with cold or flu symptoms to stay away - if you're healthy we'll be glad to help you.

Good luck - stay safe.

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