We've usually got a few reconditioned flutes in stock, (from about £150.00), suitable for beginners or intermediate players. They may not all be listed here, so do give us a ring or email us to find out what's available.

If you'd like to come and try any of these instruments, or would like further information, please email  steve@marshallmcgurk.com or  ally@marshallmcgurk.com or phone
01900 813200
Gemeinhart 2ESP S/E flute

A Gemeinhardt with split E mechanism in super condition. Another example of a well built flute from America. These are far superior to any of the cheap Chinese flutes sold as beginners instruments today.
Good tone. Split E mechanism.
Nice dark blue plush-lined case.

    PRICE: £180

    Artley Flute 

    • Reconditioned silver plated flute. 
    • Well built instrument that would make a good starter or intermediate flute.
    • Flute is good in a sturdy case that is nice inside but has some external wear. 
    • Made in the USA
    • Nice tone

    PRICE: £150.00


    New in... Gemeinhart 2esp flute - £180 with outer case
    Repadded Vivace Kurishi flute - £150
    Pics to follow...

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