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Selmer Elkhart tenor saxophone

This is the previous version of Elkhart that was made in Taiwan - much better than the current Chinese model. It is in good condition and doesn't appear to have been used much.  Like most Selmer MkVI tenors, it has no upper F# key. It's not essential as you can finger an alternate F#. 
It feels light in the hands and has a pleasant tone.
Comes with  mouthpiece and a wide sling
The case is in reasonable condition .

              PRICE:  £550 

Elkhart Deluxe alto saxophone

This is a quality alto, made in Taiwan - not to be confused with the current Elkhart Deluxe which is made in China.
It is an improved version of the Elkhart series II which was a well built horn. This one has better springs, a wider bell rim and a more engaging tone, making it fun to play. 
Great horn for the price!
Comes with  mouthpiece and a new sling
The case is in reasonable condition .

              PRICE:  £395 

Jupiter  587-585 tenor saxophone

A good quality beginner to intermediate tenor saxophone made in Taiwan.
The case is in good condition . And there's a pullthrough and swab for the neck.
The sax is in good condition with no dings and the lacquer is good . It has the upper F# key and has been serviced so it's ready to play.  A nice sounding tenor, a little sweeter sounding than the more expensive 787.

              PRICE:  £450 


Jupiter 767 alto saxophone

These are well built instruments in the beginner to intermediate range. (Jupiter's basic model is the 500 series or 567. The step up from there is the 767. Then they have the Artist professional range.)
This one has a bit of lacquer wear which is typical of this age of Jupiter. It was the back-up horn for a professional player, so has had a bit of use.
It has been serviced and is in good playing order.
It's a better buy then any of the cheap Chinese beginner saxophones as it's made with better materials and is better engineered.
This has the top F# key and comes with case, sling & mouthpiece. All you need to get started.

PRICE: £350.00  SOLD ___________________________________________________________________

  Elkhart Series II alto Saxophone

One of the Taiwanese built Elkharts - not to be confused with the new Chinese model.
These are much better built and are becoming harder to find. They are great altos of similar, (if not better) construction to Yamahas. 
This one sounds great. I've had a few of these through my hands and this is one of the better sounding examples. I'm tempted to keep it for myself!
It comes in a sturdy case with locks. (No horrid zips!) And has a reasonable mouthpiece.
No dents or other issues. It's a super horn to start playing on and is suitable for beginner through to intermediate.

PRICE: £325 


Elkhart Soprano

This is a beginners soprano saxophone from Elkhart. These have a design similar to a Yanagisawa. They are a good choice for a new student or as an occasional instrument to accompany an alto or tenor.

These come with two necks. One is slightly curved which makes the instrument sit at a more comfortable angle, for most players. If you prefer the traditional straight neck which was what one-piece sopranos had originally, then you have that option too.

This appears to have little use so is a nice buy for someone wanting to try a soprano without breaking the bank.

PRICE: £180.00  SOLD


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