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Keilwerth EX90 series II tenor saxophone

This is one of the German built tenors from Keilwerth so is a quality instrument.
The finish is a black nickel and looks like a gun metal finish.  (It's not lacquered.) There is some dots on the finish (pitting?) as can be seen on the bell (see below).

These horns are known for having a dark sound and Grover Washington used a similar Keilwerth.
This comes with its original Keilwerth case but has no accessories included as the owner has a

new instrument. 

  This is in good condition and ready to play

PRICE:  £950  ono

Jupiter  787 tenor saxophone

A good quality beginner to intermediate tenor saxophone made in Taiwan.
Comes with  mouthpiece and a new sling
The case is in reasonable condition .
There are a few blemishes with some lacquer wear in a few places which is common with instruments of this age - but it's in pretty good condition and plays well . It has the upper F# key and has been serviced so it's ready to play.  Great sounding tenor.

              PRICE:  £450  

Orsi  alto

This is an interesting alto from Romeo Orsi of Milan Italy. It appears to be closely modelled on the Conn 6M and has similar features like a copy of the microtuner , the 'nail file' G# and a G# trill key.And it has rolled toneholes.
Orsi aren't as well known as the big manufacturers but have been going a long time and are still producing instrument.

I'm not certain of the age of the instrument but it looks like mid 20th century. The lacquer has some pitting, typical of this age of instrument. There's no dents that I can see.
The instrument has been put in playing order so can be played as is, but most of the pads look rather old and it would benefit from a repad.
It comes with a sturdy case with a sling. (No mouthpiece included. )  
PRICE:   £450 ono


Conn 6M alto saxophone

Classic rolled tonehole model with double socket neck.

Made in 1937. Just checked again and it's 1936!

This model was used by the likes of Charlie Parker and Johnny Hodges.

Imported into the UK by La Fleur. (As per engraving)

It has a couple of repaired dents,  and has had an early relacquer.

Recently overhauled with new pads and springs fitted.

Functional case with clarinet compartment. 

PRICE:  £800  SOLD



Jupiter 767 alto saxophone
These are well built instruments in the beginner to intermediate range. (Jupiter's basic model is the 500 series or 567. The step up from there is the 767. Then they have the Artist professional range.)
This one has a bit of lacquer wear which is typical of this age of Jupiter. It was the back-up horn for a professional player, so has had a bit of use.
It has been serviced and is in good playing order.
It's a better buy then any of the cheap Chinese beginner saxophones as it's made with better materials and is better engineered.
This has the top F# key and comes with case, sling & mouthpiece. All you need to get started.

PRICE: £350.00


Conn 16M tenor saxophone

Steve's old sax gigged around Cumbria. Lovely tone though it's a bit scuffed. (It was like that when we got it!) Palm key risers made from 'marbled' epoxy have been fitted. 
PRICE: £580

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