Tuesday 17 September 2013

A Couple of Pics

We've got two piccolos in that are now ready to sell.

The first is a Czechoslavakian intermediate level instrument with a wood body. Almost certainly this will be from the Amati factory. Many people here know the cheap clarinets, but they did make better quality instruments too as this shows.

Piccolos aren't the easiest instrument to play partly because of the tiny embouchure hole. This one has a shaped lip-plate which makes it easier to play.

It has been repadded and is an instrument with a nice warm tone.

The second piccolo is a Bundy. Basic student instrument from the States. Sturdy construction similar to Yamaha 32 but now at a fraction of the cost.

These are a good choice for occasional use. 

In the flute dept, we have some Artley flutes as well as the similar Gemeinhardts. They are well-built, beginner/intermediate model instruments. Most of the new instruments for the beginner are now made in China and we feel these American flutes are much more reliable.

See our FLUTE page for more information.

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