Tuesday 27 May 2014

Saxophone for sale

We still have the Selmer Balanced Action alto sax for sale. It's a great sounding horn.
Some people prefer these to Selmer Mk VIs.
This particular horn has had a couple of repairs. The foot of the low C guard had come off which can often happen with early BAs as they have just two, rather than the usual three attaching it to the instrument.
The owner had secured the foot by applying soft solder around it which had burnt the surrounding lacquer. I've removed the soft solder and reattached the foot with silver solder and soldered it back in place - which looks better but there is still the area of burnt lacquer visible.
The horn also has a microphone fitted to the neck. These were popular in the seventies and you can see them in use on Top of the Pops clips on Youtube with bands like Frank Zappa's.
For some the horn doesn't look great, but the beauty of this alto is in how it sounds.  It's a horn that deserves to be played.

Any offers?. 

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