Tuesday 6 December 2016

Stuff to buy

It's that time of year when you may be looking out for things to buy for the woodwind player in your house.
We have some odds and ends that might interest you. Clarinet barrels made of cocobolo wood which can subtly alter the sound. Hand-finished, these can improve the tone of plastic instruments as well as wooden ones. Check the Acessories section for more details.
We also have alto sax mouthpieces  which are refaced to make an easy blowing piece - a cheaper option to step up from  beginners mouthpieces. These are based on a Meyer design but with a different facing curve and baffle.
We have a small number of Brancher style ligatures. These will fit alto sax ebonite mouthpieces or clarinet mouthpieces. They are gold plated and look great on the instrument. They come in a specially shaped presentation box.  
There are other things on offer. Oiler pens to keep the mechanism running freely. Mouthpiece patches. BG ligatures. Come and see.!

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