Monday 28 October 2013

Get palm key risers on your sax !

Palm key risers on a modern tenor sax

Saxophones are instruments that have changed gradually over time. The older ones may need a little adjustment for today's play. An example of this is in the palm keys. You can buy rubber palm key risers and these do help play the instrument - BUT they also have a problem in that they can come off or move.

We use a silicone putty to mould palm key risers to suit the player exactly. They won't fall off.

Older saxophones may need more silicone to make them fit your hand, but even newer saxophones can benefit from having palm key risers fitted. You may need just two on a newer sax. (As in the top picture.) The lower picture shows three palm key risers fitted to an old Selmer 'Cigar Cutter' alto.

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