Wednesday 20 November 2013

Altos for sale

We have a couple of alto saxophones that are well worth a look for serious players.
Firstly is a Yamaha YAS62. This is one of the best modern instruments. Highly regarded and thought to be very close to the Selmer MkVI sound.  This one is a great example of an early 62 with the 'Purple logo' badge and long bell key guard. (Modern ones have Selmer style guards and I've heard some arent' built in Japan any more. ) Great  instrument to upgrade to.

The second one is a Selmer Balanced Action. One of the best sounding altos ever made. This is great for a soloist. It stands out with a big edgy sound. The not-so-good news it has had a knock or two in the past and repairs are quite visible. But that means it's cheaper than it should be, so here's a chance to grab a super horn.

Come and give them a try. (See Saxophone section for pictures and further info. )

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